Baseball Tomorrow Academy

Baseball Tomorrow Academy is a Non-Governmental Educational Sport Promoting Organisation focused on empowering Children and Youth to succeed by promoting values and life lessons that are intrinsic to the Sport of Baseball and Softball.

We use Baseball and Softball Combined Education and Personal Development to realize the potential of Young People.

We are also in partnership with the United States Embassy (Abuja, Nigeria) for the development of Baseball and Softball in Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

We work with School, Teachers, Parents, Students and Government Agencies (such as Military and Paramilitary) to help Young and Old People learn to play the game of Baseball and Softball while developing necessary Life Skills to face today’s hurdles. Read More

Our Partners

Our Mission

The mission of Baseball Tomorrow Academy is to use the platform of baseball to exemplify excellence and leadership beyond the game.

Our Vision

The vision of Baseball Tomorrow Academy is to develop leaders who positively impact our world.

our goals

  1. To increase participation and interest in Baseball and softball among undeserved Children, Adolescent and Youth.

  2. To encourage Academic Participation and Achievement among the Athletes.

  3. To increase the number of Talented Athletes prepared to play in Colleges and Minor League.

  4. To promote greater inclusion of Minorities into the mainstream of the game of Baseball and Softball.

  5. To teach the value of Teamwork and Spirit of Sportsmanship, which is reflected in the pledge of Little League Baseball and Softball.

  6. To help children develop into well-rounded, socially responsible young adult.

  7. To increase community pride through baseball and softball.

  8. To increase local – economic activities through baseball and softball.

  9. To combat the abuse of drug and alcohol among our youth.

  10. To become a destination for international baseball and softball exchange.

  11. To create and empower future mentors and community leaders through baseball and softball.

Baseball Tomorrow Academy (6)
Baseball Tomorrow Academy (6)

our achievements

  1. Baseball and Softball have been introduced to more than 50 Schools in Kwara, Kogi, Ondo, Kaduna, Niger, Nasarawa and Abuja.

  2. We have been able to organize and host the U.S embassy on the U.S. Educational Talk and on the U.S Mission in Nigeria in Ilorin, Kwara state in June, 2016.

  3. We have been able to donate Baseball equipment to some Schools in Kwara and Ondo States through the equipment donated by Mrs. Denise Gorham the founder of BCC baseball in Maryland U. S. A. And some other Global charity organizations.

  4. We are the first ever winner of the Nigerian and Diplomat Community Slow-pitch Softball classic in the Abuja 2016, organized by the United States embassy Abuja Nigeria.

  5. Partnership with Knowledge for the Blind Initiative in Kaduna (September, 2017).

  6. We have been awarded a grant of $5,000.00 by the US embassy in September 2017 for the development of Baseball and Softball in Nigeria in September, 2016.

  7. Through our initiative Baseball in My School Project and Education USA presentation in partnership with the United States Embassy (Abuja, Nigeria) we have been able to create a positive impact in the life of our youth through the baseball clinic, drug abuse and the peace building.

  8. Kogi State as endorsed baseball and softball in schools through our Baseball in My School Project and education USA presentation (phase one)

  9. Baseball In My School Coaching Clinic and Educational Talk in Kaduna in September, 2017.

  10. Organized Youth Baseball Camp with Jeremy Guthrie in conjunction with the US Embassy (Abuja, Nigeria) in FCT Abuja in October,2017.

  11. Registered Member of Indiana High School Baseball Coaches Association, United States of America January, 2018.

  12. Participated in the Indiana High School Baseball Coaches Association State Clinic, January 26th – 28th, 2018 at Sheraton Indianapolis hotel, keystone crossing, Indianapolis, USA,

  13. Hosting of the under 15 National youth baseball tournament, ABUJA , 2018.

  14. Registered member, Global Ties U.S , Washington DC, USA. 2018.

  15. . Registered member, American Baseball Coaches Association, USA. (2019)

Baseball Tomorrow Academy US Embassy
Baseball Tomorrow Academy (64)

You can do great things from just where you are. You can contribute to the future of the players. You can contribute to our Academy from wherever you are by simply Donating.

Our Programmes

Baseball and Softball Clinic

Pitching | Throwing

Fielding | Batting

Catching | Field Running

and every other baseball fundamentals

Educational Talks

Human Trafficking | Gender Violation

Peace Building | Drug Abuse


Tournaments | Team Support | Training | Trips